What is MANZ ? 

Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand  is a collective of school, organisation and individual members who work together to provide and promote Montessori education in New Zealand.

Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand is governed by a voluntary council and managed by an executive and administration officer, in consultation with members.

MANZ Draft Strategic Aims 2015-19

MANZ Mission
Montessori makes the Difference

Our mission is to support our community to deliver excellent Montessori programmes that enable the holistic development of infants, children and adolescents.

Vision for MANZ
Making Montessori Matter in Aotearoa New Zealand

We envision Montessori education becoming a well-known, highly respected, and popular choice in Aotearoa New Zealand. Montessori values are, widely reflected in the community.

MANZ Guiding Principles

• CREATING an environment to foster a love of learning by enhancing freedom with responsibility, valuing creativity and appreciating individuality.
• NURTURING the human spirit by respecting self, others and the environment through connection, communication and collaboration.
• EDUCATING for peace by embracing diversity, celebrating the joy of discovery and practicing honesty and humility


Draft Strategic AIms 2-15-19

Strategic Aim One
To grow the identity of Montessori in Aotearoa New Zealand

Strategic Goals
To articulate links between Maori and Montessori pedagogy/kaupapa.
To develop a plan of professional support for leadership growth in consultation with professional community.
To claim and make visible the future focused and innovative approach of Montessori education.

Strategic Aim Two
To lead the development of a viable, sustainable and Montessori qualified workforce for MANZ centres and schools 

Strategic Goals
To create and make visible Montessori career pathways.
To build and sustain a Montessori qualified workforce. 

Strategic Aim 3
MANZ early childhood centres and schools are engaged in Montessori focussed inquiry enhancing the outcomes for all ākonga.

Strategic Goals
To  use the Montessori Journey to Excellence to build and sustain a reflective Montessori inquiry community.
To support the MJ2Ex inquiry community to contribute to a growing body of evidence-based research for Montessori education in New Zealand.

Strategic Aim 4
The Montessori community advocates on behalf of children (one child/whānau - one centre/school - one community - one town/city - one country).

Strategic Goals
To enable the Montessori professional community to develop a deep understanding of the social justice perspective of Montessori philosophy.
To support the Montessori community to make visible local actions that advocate for children.