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What happens in a Montessori early childhood centre ?

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Montessori Ground Rules You Can Use at Home...

A Montessori teacher shares some ground rules established at Montessori, which help adults talk effectively with children. Go slowly, be gentle and use your words ! Go Slowly We have a classroom "rule" which says Go Slowly. If you are going slowly, you have time to react to situations as they arise.  Contrary to general assumptions, children don't have to run everywhere.  That hurried energy is partly an imitation of our energy - we hustle...

Author: Pam Shand, Montessori House of Children, Blenheim, New Zealand

Savouring Childhood at a Slower Pace...

Dr Maria Montessori strongly believed that an adult’s pace of life is not the natural pace of childhood and too often, children are expected to speed up rather than having the adults around them slow down.  I was really aware of this before I had my son Lincoln and so I came into parenting with some strong beliefs about what I did and did not want to do.  One of the things I wanted to avoid was over scheduling as I didn’t want Lincoln to be...

Author: Tessa McTaylor, Little Earth Montessori, Kapiti, New Zealand

What to do at home in the holidays when your child is missing Montessori...

If we look closely at Maria Montessori’s writings we notice how much she emphasised children’s need for routine and purposeful activity so you could organise your holiday with your child with these two principles in mind. Before the holidays start I would recommend discussing or creating a daily routine with your child. What needs doing each day and how can your child contribute? I know my own children love to help sort the washing, including folding it at the...

Author: Anna Phillips, Montessori Educare, Palmerson North, New Zealand

Seven Suggestions for Parenting from Collaboration to Freedom...

Seven suggestions from collaboration, to good leadership, from observation to opportunity. What Montessori values can you use in your parenting ? Foster a spirit of collaboration with your child... Building collaboration with children involves taking an interest in them as human beings - let your child know that you enjoy their company. Listen to your child - make time! Know who your children are and what makes them "tick". Delight in your child and give the...

Author: Ana Pickering, MANZ.

Supporting infants, children and teenagers at home

Dr Maria Montessori boldly stated ‘The child is both a hope and promise for mankind. If we therefore mind this embryo as our most precious treasure, we will be working for the greatness of humanity'.  How can you mind your children as your ‘most precious treasure’ and enable them to become resilient, caring, able, empathetic and fulfilled adults?Montessori teachers and parents around New Zealand share some ideas about how you can support your child...

Author: Ana Pickering, Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand