Montessori Research in New Zealand

Binda Goldsbrough Research Fund

In 2011 MANZ began focusing on a new strategic plan. One of the three strategic aims is to empower MANZ member schools to deliver excellent Montessori programmes.An essential aspect of this is to support Montessori research in New Zealand.

MANZ has set aside a research fund to provide a practical means of supporting Montessori research in New Zealand. In 2017 the interest on MANZ funds of up to $3890 will be available for research.This research fund is available to members of Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand.

To find out more about applying for funds to support centre or classroom-based inquiry or postgraduate research email

Recipients of the Binda Goldsbrough Research Fund

2016 - Carol Palmer, Wellington

Carol Palmer, Wa Ora Montessori School application was to create the first section of a well-researched and extensively tested Montessori Handwork Album which will be usable in any 6 -12 class without the need for prior knowledge of the subject area. It will give sequenced lessons and teacher instructions in several methods of crafting with wool serving as the prototype section for further section in the album to be based on.

2012 - Ed Stanford, Auckland

Ed Stanford, Titoki Montessori School made an application to the research fund in 2012 and was given a small grant to fund Montessori book club for parents. Ed conducted his inquiry in late 2012 and presented his findings at the research symposium at the MANZ 2013 Conference in Wellington. He has written up his findings and reflected on his experience conducting a small research project.

You can find his presentation online at