MANZ Strategic Plan 2015-19

MANZ has finalised new strategic plan for 2015-19 and members were sent the plan in April 2015. An open forum was held at the MANZ 2015 Conference, attended by over 50 delegates. The notes taken at this community forum can be read here 2015 Open Forum Notes . The four strategic aims form the basis for the Montessori community in New Zealand over the next four years.

Earlier Community Consultation

MANZ Council met in Auckland on March 8, 2014 and three draft strategic aims were developed, building on achievements from the current strategic plan. Members of our national association were invited to co-construct the plan by providing feedback online and at the MANZ Open Forum at the 2014 conference. This feedback was considered by MANZ Council in September and a fourth strategic aim was added.

MANZ Council focused on the strategic plan again in October and the strategic aim around 'Montessori workforce' was the focus of a day-long hui of 30 people including MANZ Council, Montessori teacher education providers, Montessori ece and primary employers in Auckland on October 31. This group gave more feedback on Strategic Aim Two.The final strategic plan will be presented to the Montessori community at the conference opening and will be a focus for the MANZ Open Forum in Tauranga in April, 2015.

MANZ President, Gillian Somers says "Although the association is led by an Executive Officer and governed by a Council, MANZ is everybody and this strategic plan was developed out of this collaboration and needs the input and ownership of the entire Montessori community. We believe that it can both feed into each centre or school’s own strategic aims as well as being fed by them. When we say MANZ, we mean our whole membership. So while this strategic plan may be daunting, we also believe that together it is achievable."

The four strategic aims and associated goals are;

Strategic Aim One
To engage MANZ early childhood centres and schools in Montessori focussed inquiry enhancing the outcomes for all ākonga.

Strategic Goals
To build and sustain a reflective Montessori inquiry community.
To have more Montessori teachers engaged in leadership roles with MANZ and in the wider educational community. 

Strategic Aim Two
To lead the development of a viable, sustainable and Montessori qualified workforce for MANZ centres and schools 

Strategic Goals
To build and sustain a Montessori qualified workforce.
To create and make visible Montessori career pathways. 

Strategic Aim Three
To grow the identity of Montessori in Aotearoa New Zealand

Strategic Goals
To articulate links between Maori and Montessori pedagogy/kaupapa.
To claim and make visible the future focused and innovative approach of Montessori education.

Strategic Aim 4
The Montessori community advocates on behalf of children (one child/whānau - one centre/school - one community - one town/city - one country).

Strategic Goals
To enable the Montessori professional community to develop a deep understanding of the social justice perspective of Montessori philosophy.
To support the Montessori community to make visible local actions that advocate for children.
To make visible nationally the role of the Montessori community as advocates for children.  

You can download the strategic plan in the right hand column.